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Petra Trubačová: A technological boom and a return to humanity await us

The year 2024 brings new marketing trends, as outlined by Petra, who oversees this domain within the Behind Inventions group. Her current responsibilities include managing the communication for brands such as Flowbox and Semantic Visions.
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Stanislav Pavlin: I expect the unexpected from 2024

Read what 2023 taught Stanislav Pavlin, partner at Behind Inventions, and what he expects from the next year. He is currently focusing not only on the development of Behind Inventions' portfolio of companies, but also on the expansion of the FOSTRA and CEDUK school network.
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Jakub Habarta: At BI, We Look Forward to New Projects and Technologies

This spring, Jakub Habarta joined the senior management team of Behind Inventions and became involved in managing the portfolio for the entire group. The year 2023 was marked by numerous changes and opportunities for him, and it seems 2024 will be no different. He is eagerly anticipating new projects, meeting interesting people, and exploring new technologies that he will encounter during their implementation.
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Jan Balatka: In Business, It's Completely Normal to Feel Like You're on a Swing

Jan Balatka, partner at Behind Inventions, can be clearly associated with the areas of new technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). He is currently Managing Director at Semantic Visions. At Behind Inventions, he is responsible for identifying innovative technologies, assessing technology companies in terms of their business potential and also, for example, for portfolio development in the field of AI-related technologies or services. We therefore asked what he predicts for 2024 in these areas.
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