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European companies overpay up to 50% more on energy bills. With FLOWBOX, however, they can now save hundreds of thousands every year.

How about saving hundreds of thousands of euros every year? This is the kind of energy savings that the award-winning startup FLOWBOX offers to companies of all sizes and segments. Its unique solution is suitable not only for large companies or municipalities, but also schools or residential buildings. How successful a company is with its energy management and what is the overall potential for savings can be easily indicated by the newly launched tool: the ENERGY MATURITY CALCULATOR.
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Entry of a Strategic Investor into Actum Digital: Behind Inventions brings its know-how to expand the service portfolio and support significant growth

Technology company Actum Digital is opening its doors to its first-ever strategic partner from the new year. The investor group is none other than Behind Inventions, which consists of several successful managers from the Czech business environment. The transaction involves entering into one of the Actum Digital group companies – Actum X, s.r.o., which now becomes a subsidiary of the parent company ACTUM, s.r.o., with Behind Inventions holding a 50% stake.
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Do you want to gain experience in B2B and online marketing? We are looking for a junior to join our BI team!

We are looking for a Marketing Junior to join the Behind Inventions team. Our portfolio of companies is constantly expanding, including companies engaged in energy management and AI. We are often busy, so we are looking for a team partner and, most importantly, a strong addition who wants to change the world with us!
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Josef Kotrba: Behind Inventions' portfolio companies will be at the epicentre of the action next year

Josef Kotrba, a partner at Behind Inventions, has dedicated his professional life to mergers and acquisitions and the energy sector. He currently holds the position of CEO at the Czech Gas Association and remains actively involved in M&A. With over 20 years of experience in large companies, his expertise makes him an ideal fit for guiding Behind Inventions' portfolio companies to new heights. He plans to focus on these companies next year, as he believes they will be at the epicenter of significant activity.
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