A software and technology company offering the most advanced system for controlling and optimizing energy consumption in buildings and industrial facilities.
Company presentation in 3D
Tomáš Rendla (CEO Flowbox) a Diana Rádl Rogerová (partner Behind Inventions)

What makes this
project unique

Flowbox is a software and technology company offering the most advanced system for managing and optimizing the consumption of all types of energy for areas in:

  • Real estate (complete energy management of office buildings, warehouses, shopping centres, etc.)
  • Industry (large industrial complexes, energy infrastructures, etc.),
  • Municipalities and other microgrids - management of shared systems (community energy)

It is a technologically advanced system for the collection, visualization and analysis of data on the consumption of all energy (electricity, gas, heat, cooling, special gases, etc.) and subsequent optimization of their use with active control of both connected sources (FTV, cogeneration, heating plants, etc.) and consumption points. Thanks to the connection to external data sources, it also provides all the support needed for detailed ESG reporting.

The system can be connected to the vast majority of devices in use and, in contrast to many competing products, it allows, in addition to data collection and visualization, active (even autonomous) management of consumption to achieve optimization and savings in consumption volume and energy costs.

Our role: We focus on strategic business development, go-to-market strategy and scalability. We also assist in selling the solutions we offer to large customers in industry, logistics, office buildings and shopping malls, both in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

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