A company centred around using new technologies, innovations and trends to fundamentally transform leadership and business.
Company presentation in 3D
Thomas De Bruyne (founder BeInX) a Diana Rádl Rogerová (partner Behind Inventions)

What makes this
project unique

BeInX is your beacon for exploring the unknown. Combining research with immersive experiences is a comprehensive way we can bring you the latest global trends. When you're done, you'll walk away with a deep understanding of industry information, technological innovation, and social change. Don't just take this insight as knowledge - it's your foundation for building an inspiring vision for your company.

As strategic advisors, we will also guide you through the complexities of shaping your vision towards the future. Our guiding principle is: "Dream big, start small, learn fast". Together we will articulate your ambitions, validate them through agile experimentation and bring them to life with the help of our proven partner ecosystem.

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