A unique AI-powered automated workspace layout and marketplace design platform for commercial landlords and tenants.
Real Estate
Company presentation in 3D
Petr Kadera a Jaroslav Lískovec z týmu Spacefity se Stanislavem Pavlínem (Behind Inventions)

What makes this
project unique

Spacefity is targeted as a marketplace for landlords and tenants of commercial real estate supported by the use of artificial intelligence. In collaboration with CTU development teams, we are creating a unique platform for the automatic design of workspace layouts (spaceplans) in office spaces and industrial areas. This technology will allow tenants to visualize potentially suitable spaces for their needs and to enter into direct negotiations with landlords, saving a significant amount of time and costs.

Our role: We are the lead investor and are responsible for the overall product strategy.

How this project positively impacts society

The implementation of the project significantly contributes to the connection of the scientific world of the university environment with the real economic environment, which also intensively supports the development of science, research and young talents.

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