Jakub Habarta: At BI, We Look Forward to New Projects and Technologies

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This spring, Jakub Habarta joined the Behind Inventions team as a senior manager, contributing, among other things, to managing the group's entire portfolio. The year 2023 was full of changes and opportunities for him as well. And 2024 is likely to be no different – he is looking forward to new projects, interesting people, and new technologies that he will have the chance to explore in their realization.

What did 2023 teach me?

Over the past year, I've become more convinced than ever that one should devote energy to what they enjoy and find fulfilling. This applies both in the professional sphere and in extracurricular activities. Doing something just "because that's the way it is" is ultimately harmful. And the fact that not everything always works out? Definitely, but it's always better than regretting not trying something you wanted to try.

What awaits us in business in 2024?

If one looks at the media, they might believe we are facing a crisis like the world has never seen. Whether we will see it or it will turn out like the legendary fairy tale with the magic wand, we will find out later, but I believe that such a push out of the comfort zone always brings new discoveries, experiences, and opportunities. Therefore, we are looking forward to them – to new projects, to interesting people, and to new technologies that we will encounter in their realization.

And what does Midjourney say about it?

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