Semantic Visions unveils groundbreaking ESG index for enhanced business sustainability assessment

Semantic Visions
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Semantic Visions is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Index, a unique tool designed to provide an extensive evaluation of a company’s sustainability efforts through media perception. This new product utilizes Semantic Visions’ advanced data analytics to monitor 680+ events across over 220,000 distinct web-based domains in 12 different languages, delivering unparalleled insights into corporate sustainability performances globally.

Unique Features and Innovation

Semantic Visions' ESG Index sets itself apart by analyzing over one million news articles on a daily basis, providing a media-based perspective instead of relying solely on self-reported data or third-party assessments. It features historical screening up to ten years and offers near-real-time monitoring updates, presenting a comprehensive view of a company's ESG actions and impacts. This tool is particularly distinctive as it evaluates media perception, giving businesses critical insights to proactively enhance their reputational and financial performance.

Target Audience

The Index is specifically designed for any corporations committed to maintaining and improving their ESG standards. It supports these companies in aligning with ESG regulations, managing their environmental, social, and governance impacts effectively, and demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices to a broad array of stakeholders. In addition, it will enable companies to monitor their supply chain vendors and suppliers from an ESG perspective.

Setting a new standard for ESG transparency, we transform media insights into actionable ESG intelligence, offering unparalleled real-time and historical screening.”— Dr. Lukas Gabor, ESG Subject Matter Expert

Benefits and Advantages

Companies using the Semantic Visions' ESG Index can benefit from a robust tool that enhances compliance with ESG criteria and showcases their sustainability commitment in a competitive market. The Index facilitates a deeper understanding of global media perceptions, which is crucial for any business aiming to bolster its reputation, monitor suppliers and operational integrity worldwide.

Moreover, Semantic Vision's ESG data can enhance non-financial reports, such as SEC Climate-Related Disclosures or EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Due Diligence Directives.

Product Technical Specifications

Semantic Visions employs a proportional equation to calculate the ratio of positive to total events, assigning equal weight to the Environment (E), Social (S), and Governance (G) categories. This method ensures that companies must excel in all aspects of ESG to be deemed truly sustainable and responsible.

Integration into Brand Strategy

The launch of the ESG Index aligns seamlessly with Semantic Visions' strategic focus on expanding its expertise in data analytics into the vital area of ESG. This development not only underscores their commitment to innovation but also positions Semantic Visions as a leader in leveraging big data for sustainable business practices.

Request a demo

The ESG Index is now available. Interested businesses can access this innovative tool through a bespoke dashboard or as a processed dataset, customizable to reflect user-specific content, entities, and events.

Semantic Visions invites all interested stakeholders to visit their website to learn more about the Semantic Visions ESG Index. Request a demo to see how the tool can enhance your sustainability practices or schedule a consultation to integrate solutions into your business strategy.

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