Stanislav Pavlin: I expect the unexpected from 2024

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What did 2023 teach me?

The older I get, the more important it is for me who I work with. Whatever the business is, smaller or bigger, it depends on the people behind it and who I work with. This year that realization came more strongly than before, and I sold stakes in activities that no longer brought me joy. Instead, I'm directing my energy to where I enjoy it and where it makes sense to me. And this is particularly the portfolio of our Behind Inventions group and the growing network of FOSTRA and CEDUK schools. That's the way I want to continue to go.

What do I expect from 2024?

I foresee all sorts of unforeseen problems. Sir Humphrey Appleby

I expect the unexpected in 2024. I think we have a very turbulent year ahead of us and I fear that something will happen that is difficult to predict. We may be challenged to deal with crises on the same scale as the pandemic, the chillingly close war in Ukraine or something that will shake up our everyday reality.

From a business perspective, we will continue to expand our portfolio at Behind Inventions. But in 2024 we will focus even more on nurturing our current businesses. Our investments are not just financial, we do not just enter companies as co-investors, we want to bring our business experience and be reliable partners to them.‍

As for the FOSTRA and CEDUK school network, 2024 will be a year of expansion. My efforts to expand the network of schools will continue, because unfortunately the state has long been failing not only in quality but also in quantity. I see no other way to advocate for the future of Czech society than to support quality education.

And how did artificial intelligence portray this prediction?
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